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(Michelin Starred Chef)

Born in a chef family in Sakai City,Osaka prefecture in 1981,

RYOTA KANESAWA aimed to become a chef at an early age.

He has worked at Ritz Carlton Osaka HANAGATAMI for 10 years.

In 2008, he left Osaka and decided to pursue his dream.

His adventurous spirit takes him to travel the world and forges his career outside Japan. He has worked at ROKA/ZUMA LONDON and also worked as a guest chef at 2 Michelin Starred Restaurant LA FRASCA ITALY. He then became the Head Sushi Chef/Restaurant Sou Chef at ZUMA HONG KONG. But that didn't stop him from seeking a higher level of culinary skills; he has mastered his skills and vision creativity as a sou-chef at the Michelin 2 Starred Restaurant


CHEF RYOTA KANESAWA is not limited by culinary ration from his root, but instead he uses it as inspiration to bring out the very best of the ingredients.

His ambition to pursue the highest level of culinary art,

Maximising the flavors, TextureS and Colors are the core philosophy of RYOTA KAPPOU MODERN.

His ultimate culinary concept is "Simplicity Excellence"

This concept is to unveil the potential of high quality produces with his creativity and skills. Ingredients at their highest gualiy and flavor that are almost only available in Japan in different seasons are showcased in his dishes.


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